Innovating Neurostimulation Systems

Nexeon MedSytems is a global medical device company providing innovative neurostimulation products that improve the quality of life of patients suffering from debilitating neurological disease.

The Nexeon Vision

Nexeon MedSystems is a bioelectronics company developing active medical devices for the treatment of chronic medical conditions. There has never been a better opportunity for bioelectronics to be the connective tissue that binds the healthcare delivery system to the patient. As hospitals and clinicians seek to deliver more health services in the home instead of the hospital, Nexeon is striving to bridge distance, time, and boundaries between clinicians and patients.

Caution: Investigational Devices Only


aVNS: Our Technology

Zero Point is a non-invasive, battery-operated device to indirectly and transcutaneously stimulate the auricular branch of the vagus nerve (ABVN) that to aid in reducing the symptoms of various chronic diseases and disorders by stimulating the ear at the junction of the conchal ridge and the root of the ascending helix.

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